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Geitenhoeder Pepe kwam met kalkoen op Bed and Breakfast Finca Gordo.

Geitenhoeder Pepe kwam met kalkoen op Bed and Breakfast Finca Gordo.

A day at Bed and Breakfast Finca Gordo during the preparation of the new season. Having breakfast together in the morning sun, Marina preparing the rooms, I do some odd jobs. Around 12 o'clock a car is honking violently. Marina Marina Marina abierto la puerta.
Pepe the goatherd from Riogordo is standing in front of the gate with his Renault 4 . We open the gate and the white car races down. Nice, he comes to drink a beer and talk for a while.

Yes, talk that too, but recently Pepe asked me to edit and print some photos. I had done and the picture showed a goat mother with 6 little ones. Pepe thought it was so special and wanted to give all his children a print. I had to get one too.
When we delivered the pictures of the kids he was so enthusiastic and asked what I should have for it. I didn't want anything for it. Would like to have a good neighbor.

But today Pepe came to bring something to make up for it. In the white car was the present for our Bed and Breakfast. A real turkey weighing over 15 kg. Live of course straight from the farm.

But Pepe we're from the city I told him. We don't just slaughter an animal. But Pepe was determined to get us a turkey. Ok this looks like a nice tree, I think Pepe meant. I had to help. Turkey was hung with legs on the tree and in no time the head was off and the animal struggled for a while. Skin with feathers off and organs out and Pepe drove away again in his white car with the announcement to let it hang for 4 hours and let it get cold then you can prepare and debone it.
Anyway, again by DIY painting etc. And after 4 hours animal boned.
Result 8 beautiful fillets, pan with soup, turkey rendang and turkey au vin.
You experience something at B&B Finca Gordo. Back to basics.
By the way, the rendang was tasty.

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