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We bring in Michelin star chefs!

We bring in Michelin star chefs!

We have been running our B&B for over a year now and judging by the reviews, guests have appreciated our efforts. We have been richly rewarded and enjoy all the positive reactions.
Unfortunately, the Corona came and everything turned out differently. During the 3 months that we were “locked” in our palace, we behaved like guests. Tried different rooms, relaxed by the pool and of course swam and enjoyed it.
Unfortunately, there was no one to prepare breakfast for us, so we prepared it ourselves. We tested and practiced extensively before dinner and lunch, and that was not disappointing either. But despite the fact that someone once wrote in a review: “the dinner was at star level”, we think it can be even better and we have found our superior in our area.

Leon Winthagen, former Michelin star chef at his restaurant De Boterbloem in Heerlen, has settled in our village. This chef has handed in his star, but not his cooking skills. He now prepares delicious lunches and dinners here for affordable prices. We can hire him for you alone, or if the rest of the guests also want to enjoy, as “CHEF TO SHARE”.

Furthermore, an excellent restaurant has been added in Riogordo by Chef Ryan Murphy. This chef has cooked at Michelin star restaurants in world cities. (Daniel NYC Chef Daniel Boulud, Jean Georges NYC, Operkallaren Stockholm) You can visit him in the restaurant from Friday to Sunday and during the week he can provide a home kit that we can serve for you.
Thanks to these two gentlemen, we can provide star meals in a homely atmosphere with possibly matching wines. But be careful, we have to inform them in advance so that they can prepare the mise en place.

But let's be clear, you remain the most special star for us and we will do everything we can to give you an unforgettable safe stay.
However, if you have any questions, please contact us so we can answer them.

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Published 15-06-2020 / Copyright © Bed & Breakfast Finca Gordo Andalusië