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Samenwerken voor Oneindige Impact

Samenwerken voor Oneindige Impact

Collaborating for Infinite Impact: A Story of Inspiration

Today I share a special experience that touched me deeply. At a birthday party of a good friend, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with the founder of Eight Steven Janssens, an organization that works for communities in Uganda and Congo by offering them a basic income for two years. It was an inspiring moment that made me reflect on the power of human connection and the limitless possibilities of helpfulness.

The founder of Eight shared the heartwarming story of how their initiative in African countries is having a profound impact on the lives of many. The idea that eight, when turned on its side, symbolizes infinity beautifully reflects the limitless potential of support and help we can offer others. Eight also resembles aid (aid). It is about more than just financial help; it's about creating lasting change and building a better future for entire communities.

At and we believe in the importance of such initiatives that really make a difference. That is why we also want to commit ourselves to this goal and support the mission of Eight .

We invite you to join this movement of positive change. Every gesture of support, large or small, contributes to making this wonderful vision a reality. By joining forces together, we can create impact that goes beyond what we can imagine.

If you're inspired by Eight's work and would like to contribute, you can find out more and donate on their website here.

Let's strive together for a world where numbers are not just numbers, but symbols of hope, possibility and a better future for all.

A happy new year to you and everyone. Let's build a year full of connection, inspiration and impact together!

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