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On holiday without too much CORONA fear near Málaga

On holiday without too much CORONA fear near Málaga

Time for action after Corona.

Think everyone is fed up with it by now and yet we can't get around it. We have a Casa Rural in a fantastic location in Andalusia near Malaga. No Corona has yet been detected in our village of Riogordo, incidentally throughout Andalusia it has not been as intense as in the Netherlands. Our "estate" is 7800 m2 with many seating areas and each room has its own entrance with its own terrace. At the pool you can lie at a good distance from the other guests. So the “social distance” is fine. There are several walks from our Bed & Breakfast, where you normally only encounter a goatherd with his herd. Of course there are also various trips to villages, towns and nature reserves.
What are we doing to keep our Finca "Corona free".

1. Our rooms are hygienic and easy to clean, as an extra we put a small splash of chlorine in the water during this period to disinfect even more.
2. Our linen and bath towels are washed and ironed at a high temperature by the local industrial laundry.
3. If desired, breakfast can be served in front of the room on its own terrace, so that there is again little or no contact with fellow guests. It's your choice because the breakfast terrace is also big enough.
4. The pool is already being disinfected with chlorine, but we ask you not to use it with other guests at the same time and to wait 10 minutes for the next couple to enter.
5. There is also an alternative for our cozy extension table, we can serve on your own terrace or ensure the 1.5 meter distance.
6. Wouldn't the restaurant be open yet or would you still find it "scary" to eat in a restaurant? We have agreements with various restaurants to collect take-away and serve it on your own terrace. Think of a delicious wood oven pizza, or half a rooster, but a full dinner is also possible. The wine and other drinks are available in the honesty bar.
7. The refrigerator and honesty bar doorknobs are regularly disinfected and we ask that you do not put anything back.
8. But last but not least, when entering the Finca, we ask you to wash your hands with disinfection gel that is ready at the parking lot. This way we can make the infection chance to almost 0.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation for this.
We had a nicer mailing in the planning but unfortunately, but keep feeling welcome.

We apologize if you receive this e-mail while you have not registered, something went wrong with importing addresses that we wanted to correct manually. Maybe that didn't work out 100%.

We welcome you to enjoy our B&B Finca Gordo.

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