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Photo workshop

Photo workshop

Peter Laarakker , the co-owner of Finca Gordo, has been a professional photographer since 1984 and has provided photography for many large and small companies. He also has a lot of experience with travel photography. Both he and his wife are happy to tell you more about it. Since 2020, Peter has been reporting in the Por Favor magazine. Now that they have their own Bed and Breakfast, Peter can easily organize lessons, both individually and in small groups.

How do we proceed?

The program is interactive and we can always adapt it to the wishes of the student. Topics that will be discussed are:

  • shutter speed
  • diaphragm
  • ISO
  • focal length
  • composition
  • playing with light
  • exposure
  • black and white
  • stitching
  • long exposures
  • movement
  • etc.

If we have photographed that day, we will discuss the photos taken and give suggestions for improvement where necessary.

We use the Lightroom program (LR from Adobe) to optimize the photos taken and to give them a different atmosphere. It is best to edit your photos on your own laptop. At the end of the discussion we tell you where we are going the next day and what the photographic challenges are. Naturally, the photographer is present during the evenings and working in the practice to give tips and answer questions. During the trip you photograph the assignments of the photographer or you go to work freely. You make your own choice for this. We view and discuss the visual material together, so that all participants can learn from each other.

Who is the course intended for?

Both the novice and the more experienced amateur photographer are welcome. There is more than enough attention for every participant.

Of course there is enough time left to go out on your own and enjoy your stay in the beautiful nature.

Photographer and guidance

The supervisor is Peter Laarakker, a professional photographer since 1984. Peter works under the name Visual Photo Design. Before starting his career as a photographer, he worked in education at a secondary school. He has about 35 years of experience as a professional photographer and has a lot of knowledge in the field of digital photography. He now photographs himself with Fuji System cameras, almost 100% in RAW. The photos are later “developed” in the photo editing program Lightroom. He has trained many trainees to become professional photographers and helped many amateurs to 'look better'. It is not his ambition to tell you exactly how to do it, but he has an approach à la Montessori: learning by doing yourself. Peter tries to take you further as a photographer. You will then learn how to improve yourself on the basis of themes. What matters is whether you can translate the image you saw into a photo that is beautiful for you.

What do you need?

Have fun and commitment, preferably a camera that can make RAW files. A laptop with Lightroom? (1 month free to use, so just install it just before the start of the trip). Your own personal items. If you would like to discuss previously made images, please do not hesitate to bring this with you.

You will of course stay with us in the B&B.

How many participants? Because we work from home, I can provide individual guidance if necessary. We assume a group of up to 6 people

Other information and accommodation

In Spain we generally collect at Finca Gordo, but we can look at joint transport from Málaga/ Málaga Airport. The price is € 80.00 for a ride with a maximum of 4 people.

What's the price?

* € 150.00 per person per day, based on a double room with breakfast including the photography course with a minimum participation of 4 people.

* extra person in the same room but not participating in the course € 50.00

* If you would like to be guided privately or put together your own group, please contact us.

What is included?

Enthusiastic and professional photo guidance from Peter Laarakker, transport on site, photo discussions with beamer and Lightroom (LR), accommodation based on a double room (surcharge 1 person € 40.00 per day)

What's not included?

round trip to Malaga – Spain
surcharge 1 person in room
all drinks, meals except breakfast
insurances (e.g. travel and cancellation insurance)
personal expenses.


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