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Food and drink

Food and drink

Breakfast: We serve a delicious breakfast with as many regional products as possible. We make it "tailor-made", so feel free to indicate what you want. There are people who like the yogurt-with-muesli breakfast, but also who prefer a freshly baked bread roll with an egg, or a homemade GORDO bread , cheese, meat or rather something sweet We don't serve everything as standard, because we want to avoid wasting.

We actually do not provide this meal as standard. But if you feel like something and we are present, don't hesitate to contact us. We will then see what kind of goodies we can make for you.

Dinner: Dinner is not standard. But just like with lunch, you can ask us if we can arrange something. We always try to have enough vegetables in the house to serve a delicious salad with some regional cheese and sausage. A few times a week, Peter goes into the kitchen to cook a 3-course meal for the extension table, in consultation with the guests. Peter is a hobby chef and not without merit. He once participated in a cooking show and did not make it to the last 8 but within the first 30 of more than 500 candidates. Marina is the one who provides a beautifully set table and is often the kitchen princess for the desserts. Together they have spoiled many groups with a beautiful culinary evening.

Snacks or tapas:
If you have had an extensive meal somewhere in the afternoon and are no longer really hungry, we can provide you with a cheese/sausage board with baguette and a delicious bottle of red or white wine. You only have to put your legs under the table and enjoy the goodies with a glass and of course the beautiful view.

Honesty Bar: At our Finca there is a central place where you can make coffee/tea and where there is a fridge with soft drinks, wine and a beer. You will find refreshments in the bar at democratic prices. Take what you want. Write it down in the notebook and at the end of your stay you settle this with us. We appreciate it very much if you do not eat your own food and drinks on our Finca, but we understand if you have scored a special bottle or special sausage and want to make it soldier during your stay.

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