Food and beverages


We serve a delicious breakfast, using regional products as much as possible, and it’s “custom made”, so you could tell us what you fancy. There are people who would like the yoghurt and muesli breakfast, and others who’d prefer a freshly baked bun with an egg or a homemade Gordo bread with cheese, meats or even something sweet.

We don’t serve everything to prevent wasting good food. Would you like a real treat like e.g. Cava we ask a small surcharge.


We do not automatically serve lunch, but would you feel like having lunch and we would be at home, don’t hesitate to address us and we will see if we can get you something nice.


Like lunch, dinner is not automatically served, but you can ask us to prepare something. We’ll try to always have enough vegetables to serve a lovely salad with some regional cheese and sausage.

A couple of times a week Peter will cook extensively for those who want to join in. He’ll cook a meal of at least 3 courses but most of the time he’ll prepare something extra because they like to serve you best. Cooking is Peter’s hobby and he doesn’t do this without merit. Once he participated in a cooking program where he reached top 30 out of 500. Marina will nicely set the table and she is princess of the desserts. Together they have arranged nice culinary evenings for quite some parties.


When you have had lunch and you aren’t really hungry anymore we could make you some cheese and sausage with bread and a nice bottle of red or white wine. You just need to relax and enjoy the goodies with a drink and of course the beautiful view.

Honesty Bar

At our Finca there is a central place where you can make tea and coffee and where you will find a fridge with soft drinks, white wine and a beer. Snacks and red wine will also be available, all for moderate prices. You can take what you want and you write this down in a notebook and you pay at the end of your stay. We would appreciate it very much if you don’t eat and drink your own food and beverages at our Finca, but we do understand if you want to crack this special bottle or eat that special sausage you have found at a local market.