Peter Laarakker, fellow owner of Finca Gordo, has been a professional photographer since 1984 and he has worked for many small and large companies. He has also a lot of experience with taking pictures while travelling and he, as well as his wife, would love to tell you more about it. Now they have their own B&B, it’s easy for Peter to organize photo classes for individuals or for small groups.

Purpose of this photo trip

You will learn to observe and record and you will get more out of your camera and in future on travels and holidays you will take more impressive and technically better pictures. Photography is more than just press the button or keeping a selfie stick in front of you and smile. It’s your way of observing and recording which is different from anyone else’s. We’d rather keep it that way. You will get tips to look at things in a different way and record the image you have in mind. Putting things in practice is very important and we will pay much attention to this. However, without the theory it’s almost impossible to develop yourself and the theory will be presented to you in a playful way. There will be special attention for different types of photography e.g. nature, street, scenery and portraits.

How do we work?

After breakfast we go to work, possibly we will make a car ride of up to 1.5 hours. If you want to work individually, that’s not a problem; We see each other again at lunchtime. After lunch – depending on the spot – we continue to photograph or depart again in Finca Gordo. We will discuss the pictures together and can possibly be edited. For an hour or 8 we can dine together and enjoy a drink. We usually do this in the village, but if people like to cook, we can also go for it. The photographer is a passionate hobby cook and is there for it. The program is interactive and can always be customized. Every evening there is a meeting with some theory. Topics to be discussed are: shutter speed, aperture, ISO, focal length, composition, playing with light, exposure, black and white, stitching, long exposure times, movement etc. If we have photographed that day, the pictures will be discussed and where necessary improvement tips are given. We use the program Lightroom (LR from Adobe) to optimize the images you have created and to give them a different atmosphere. Of course, every step is easy to follow via projection on a screen. Of course you can also edit the photos on your own laptop. At the end of the discussion we tell where we are going the next day and what the photographic challenges are. Of course the photographer is present during the evenings and working in practice to give tips and answer questions. During the trip you will make your photos by using the photographer’s assignments or you are going to be free to get started. The student makes his own choice. View and discuss the footage together, so that all participants can learn from each other as well.

For whom is the course destined?

The beginner as well as the more experienced amateur photographer will be most welcome. There will be more than enough attention for every participant. Of course there will be plenty of time to set out on your own and to enjoy your stay in the splendid surroundings.

The person who will assist you:

Is Peter Laarakker, professional photographer since 1984. His business is called Visual Photo Design( Before he started his career as a photographer he worked as a teacher in secondary education. In the meantime he has over thirty years’ experience as a professional photographer and he has a considerable knowledge of digital photography. He takes pictures with his Nikons, almost a 100% in RAW. Later the pictures are “developed” with use of the program Lightroom. He has helped a number of trainees to become a professional photographer and has helped many amateurs to “observe in a better way”. It’s not his ambition to tell you how exactly you should do it, he is more of the Montessori way: learning by doing it yourself. Peter will try to make you a better photographer. By using all kinds of subjects you will learn to improve. It’s all about the translation of the image you have seen into a picture you like.


Obviously at our own place: Finca Gordo

As Finca Gordo is our base you can be accompanied individually. As a group the number of participants is limited to 6.

Additional information

Where do we gather?

In principle we will meet at Finca Gordo, but we could consider a collective transport from Malaga/Malaga Airport. The cost would be € 80,- for a limited number of 4.


€ 155,- a day for every person on the basis of a double room, including breakfast and including the course of photography when the group consists of at least 4 persons.

What is included?

  • Enthusiastic and professional assistance by Peter Laarakker
  • Local transport
  • Reviewing pictures with beamer and Lightroom (LR)
  • Accommodation based on a double room(extra charge if 1 participant 50,00 a day)

What is not included?

  • Return trip to Malaga-Spain
  • Extra charge 1 person in the room
  • All beverages and meals with the exception of breakfast
  • Insurances( e.g. travel and cancellation insurance)
  • Personal expenses

International Group Possible!


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